Sunday, December 31, 2006


I figured that I have been needing to post this for a while, I just haven't taken the time. These are the dates that we are booked for this year. All other dates are available as of Feb 6, 2007.

January 13 - Valdosta, GA
January 14-17 - San Antonio, TX (PPA Conference, promoting our lab)
January 27 - Valdosta, GA

February 3-4 - Atlanta, GA
February 5 - Orlando, FL (Seminar)

March 3 - Ocilla, GA
March 10 - Mobile, AL
March 17 - Ocilla, GA
March 24 - Augusta, GA
March 31 - Thomasville, GA, Melhana Plantation

April 14 - Valdosta, GA
April 21 - Valdosta, GA

May 5 -Lakeland, GA
May 12 - Valdosta, GA
May 19 - Valdosta, GA
May 20 - Atlanta, GA
May 25 - Atlanta, GA (Villa Christina)
May 26 - Valdosta, GA
May 26-28 - Cocoa Beach, FL

June 2 - Jekyll Island, GA (Beachview Resort)
June 9 - St. Mary, GA
June 16 - Coopers Pointe, GA
June 22 - Atlanta, GA (Biltmore Ballrooms)
June 23 - Dahlonega, GA
June 30 - Valdosta, GA

July 7 - Ashburn, GA (Quails Landing Plantation)
July 14 - Valdosta, GA
July 21 - Miami, Fl
July 28 - Atlanta, GA

August 4 - Moultrie GA (Gin Creek Plantation)
August 11 - Cordele, GA

September 1 - Stanton, NJ

October 6 - Atlanta, GA
October 13 - Jasper, FL
October 27 - Atlanta, GA

November 3 - The Crescent
November 10 - Rome, GA
November 17 - Fitzgerald, GA
November 24 - GA

December 15 - Lake Tahoe, NV
December 29 - Not sure yet


February 2 - Valdosta, GA

Friday, December 29, 2006

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Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

So, this is Kristen. We were shooting a wedding Tuesday the 19th and I grabbed this shot. She is Dawn's sister and our assistant at weddings. Amanda is going to kill me b/c Kristen got on the web first! Haha. Anyway, big announcement. On Christmas...
...Alex, her boyfriend...
became Alex, the fiance!!
We are shooting their wedding on the 29th of December of '07. Kristen was nice enough to do it on our off-season. Little dilemna though, Kristen is the bride, Dawn is the maid of honor, which leaves no one with me shooting the wedding! I guess we'll have to get Amanda at some more weddings. It would just be nice if she would come back to work. Amanda, I miss you and need you, your family has had you long enough!

You know what really kills me, I have known Kristen as long as some members of my immediate family. When I first met Dawn, Kristen could sit on my lap, wasn't old enough to watch R rated movies and still thought boys were gross. Now she is getting married, my best friend has 2 little girls of his own and my childhood sweetheart is laying next to me sleeping so she can be rested up for work in the morning. I guess it is another of life's little miracles, growing up. It is a little depressing though. I don't want to be older, but the harder I fight it, I find the bite to be more painful. I hope I can concentrate on the miracles that I have and the ones yet to come rather than dwell on the ones that have already passed me by.
So, at the beginning of the month, I think around the 5th, I got the privelage to work with the 2 prettiest girls in the city again! This was a workout, I am going to have to get in shape to keep up with them. I was running all over the place trying to get these pictures. We were actually trying to get a picture for John and Heather's Christmas card, so it was not as loose and goosey as last time, but I still had a great time. Can't wait to see what we get to do next!! So we went to John's uncle's house. He decorates like Clark Grizzwald for Christmas. After 2 minutes, Erin had a funny smelling substance on her shoe, maybe 20 minutes after that Megan had assasinated a snowman and John posed with a candycane.

Here's Erin, a soon to be model.

Striking a pose for her fans!!
Megan givin' me the eye, always keepin her eye on me.
Look at this face!

This ended up being the Christmas card, hope you got one, we did!
Before the snowman got whacked!!
"You're next, Javon", she thinks!

"I've got one, too!"
Here's John helping out with the props
"Put the camera down or else..."

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The new issue of The Knot is out on the newsstands and we have a wedding in it!! We shot Marybeth and Jeremy's wedding last October at Tybee Island. Go out and grab a copy if you can. Unfortunately, things that we were doing with Grace Ormonde Wedding Style forced us to pull our ad off the back cover. I kind of hate that, because I liked being back there. Oh well, maybe I can convince Dawn to let me have it back if it becomes available again.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wow, twice in the same day!! Last week, we went to Mobile, AL and goofed around with Melissa and Joseph for a day and had a great time. In the morning we shot their engagement session and then in the afternoon we shot Melissa's bridals. I am dying to show some of the bridals, but I can't. Needless to say there was a sexy girl, a gorgeous dress, an old theater, water fountain and a parking garage involved in the whole thing. Both sessions were fun and March isn't close enough for us!! I can't think of enough ways to say how much fun we had with Melissa, Joseph and Jennifer.

In a staircase at a Museum. Cool light. Good eyes, Jennifer.
Joseph is a police officer and knew this guy. No, we didn't get arrested, although I know that must have been the first thing that some of you thought.

Cool wall!

Inside a carriage house that is now a bar.
So hot! Upstairs at the carriage house and in bed.
Very sexy!

I love you guys, Melissa and Joseph. Thanks for everything while we were with you and we can't wait to come up with a reason to shoot you again.
So I finally finished Ginsey's wedding!! I am so excited and I think it's fabulous. Speaking of fabulous, let me introduce you to Elizabeth Jones, the definition of fabulous. This girl is a bundle of energy. We had a wonderful time together and I am very excited about their wedding coming up in May. Here are a few shots from their session. Odd tidbit, once we got to the laje house, I ripped my pants, so I shot the rest of the session with a breeze!

A very strange building, I have always wanted to use it.

What you can't see here is a tux in the window that she likes for Tony.
Jack-in-the-Box!! In a back alley.

Still more to come...and Elizabeth, I am still sorry.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

So...I am still working on Ginsey's wedding. Finally got the reception done, so it's on to family and then bride and groom. However, I thought I'd share some of our favorites from the sessions that we have been shooting since then.

This is from Melissa and Dennis engagement session in downtown. We were so excited that it didn't rain, although there was a shot that we had wanted to do in the rain. Still, the plan went from shooting in hotel lobby's to inside and outside hotels. I am really looking forward to their wedding at The Biltmore Ballrooms in June.

Here we are getting started.

Loved this shot, the minute I took it. She is so beautiful, I can't wait to see her in her wedding dress!!

A little lean this way or that and this could have been dangerous! Ha, I laugh in the face of tradition and danger! Hahaha.

More sessions to come...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thanksgiving weekend we got to shoot Ginsey Paulk and Atlanta Braves pitcher Blaine Boyer's wedding. What an extravaganza! We had so much fun and everyone was so much fun to work with. We actually dusted the cobwebs off of Amanda so that she could help us out and get out of the office or wherever she's been. I actually started photographing the day before at her bridesmaids luncheon where I got to meet some of the girls, there were about 17-18 of them! Then, it was on to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. There had to be easily over a thousand people at the wedding, what a show of friendship!! Ginsey and Blaine are 2 of the nicest people that you will ever meet and it was easy to see how many people their lives have touched.
Ginsey's mom, Ginger said that a Ladybug was good luck.
I knew this was a winner the moment I saw it. They were supposed to be handing out programs to the guests, but a little suggestion from a guy with a camera and whammo!!

Shiloh farms at night!
Dancing their first dance

Becky dancing with one of the flower girls. By the way, Becky owns Kiss the Bride, a wonderful dress shop in downtown Valdosta. Girls, if you are getting married, definitely check it out.

Not sure I can't explain this one. I think that is a Boar's head.
I apologize ahead of time ladies for not knowing all your names, but here's Brian McCann, his girlfriend, Adam LaRoche and his wife, Ginsey and Blaine, then another groomsmen(sorry I can't remember your name) and his girlfriend.
In the limo
22 Groomsmen!!(not sure they are all here though)
Dawn's favorite shot from the wedding. She is also a big fan of Brian.
I am sure that someone will correct me, but this is Brent(maybe Brett) with his daughter.

This is Trav, I hope. I really tried to remember everyone's name!
12 of the 17-18 bridesmaids!!(I think the others were small children)
The whole wedding party

Blaine looking quite fashionable
This shot is for you, Ginger!
These are for us!

Alot more blogging to come...