Monday, November 20, 2006

Elizabeth and Gentry's wedding is an example...

...of why I absolutely love this job!!
After a long awaited overdue time period, here is the sneak peek to Elizabeth and Gentry's wedding. This was a fantastic wedding, I don't even know where to begin describing it. First of all, I am so thankful to Elizabeth and Gentry for giving me so much playtime before the wedding. We got some amazing images from it! Elizabeth is gorgeous and so very cool. Gentry is fantastic, speaking of fantastic, he is a fantastic singer,you should check out his website Gentry Morris. As soon as we get the song downloaded we are going to feature his music on our website! We are so going to use their wedding as a sample album, I knew that before we took the first image.

Elizabeth getting ready!

Gentry is easy to photograph, too.
"M" is for Morris. One of the table decorations at the reception.

Peeking in at the slideshow that was playing before the ceremony.
After the ceremony
This was so special, after the horse and carriage took them away, we hurried over to Elizabeth's parents house where there was a gazebo set up. Elizabeth surprised Gentry with their first dance! Everything was set up by the time the horse and carriage got to the house. I think they knew I was there, but I was trying to hide in the bushes anyway. Problem is I'm a lot of person to hide, even in the dark.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I have been working hard this week. I am about to post a teaser for Elizabeth and Gentry's fantastic ceremony. Can you say sample album spectacular!!

I have been working on several things at the same time, though. I love this couple, Sarah and Paul. They are so cute together. A couple of weeks ago, we went back after they moved back from New York and shot some more bride and groom pics.

Here are a couple:

Sarah and her horse
Then the one from the homepage
More to come...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kristin and Courtland

Ceremony: First Methodist Church
Reception: The Crescent
Band: The Dirk Howell Band
Caterer: Covingtons

I just can't seem to keep up. We shot Kristin and Courtland's wedding on the 4th of this month. It was our first wedding back from our brief hiatus and I was ready. Kristin and Courtland were a lot of fun. They had a beautiful ceremony at First Methodist followed by a fun but brief reception at The Crescent. We started at the Crescent with some nice and easy bride and groom pics. Then we were off to the church for some chicken nuggets and stomach aches! We had a hard time finding a parking place at the reception. We had to park at a salon that was next door. At the reception, Jason(I think was Quin's boyfriend, could be wrong) wowed us all with his mad skills on the guitar. Hope you enjoy the pics!
Courtland's Mom and Grandmother at the ceremony
It's off to the reception
The Crescent
The Dirk Howell Band
Quiet moment at the reception
Jason and his axe!
The girls

Kristin and Courtland

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here is another portrait session that we shot during our "time off". This is BeaJ Grant, one of our beautiful brides from March '04. This is her baby boy. I was really glad that Beaj's mom and sister came with her that day to help keep the baby occupied. Sometimes I think I have a big blinking sign on my head that says "I'm scary". If you don't believe me, ask John Halter. He says that I have been scary ever since he can remember and his daughter Megan shares his opinion. Anyway, had a great time at this session and I look forward to some other baby sessions that I have on my calendar!!


Monday, November 06, 2006

After shooting Ginsey Paulk and Blaine Boyer's engagement session, I am so excited to get to shoot the wedding in a few weeks. They are so expressive and so in love. Yo can just see it in their eyes, it really touched me that day. I can only imagine the way that they are going to be on their wedding day, it should be a blast. We didn't have a lot of time together that day but I was glad that they were able to work me in! I can't wait, Nov. 25th, here I come!!

This is one of my favs that day. Ginsey is so gorgeous. Blaine's nice too or so the ladies tell me.
Goofin' off for the camera
Ginsey and Blaine with their kids

I know that I have been absent of late, but it is not for a lack of being busy. Although we have had a break from weddings, we have had plenty of portrait sessions to keep us busy. This is Candace and her son. Candace is Ashleigh's sister who is one of our brides from '04. She called me up and asked me to take some pics of her and who am I to deny a lady?