Monday, December 24, 2007

Rob and Shannon, ELLO!!

I shot this right before we left for Tahoe. We have known Rob since '97 or so, wow!! We are very proud of Rob and all that he has done in the time that we have known him. I never imagined that he would actually go off to war and then learn to jump out of airplanes. Now he's getting married next year and I am very excited for him. Shannon, good luck, you're going to need it!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

If I had a dollar...

...for every time someone called us and said that we are getting married and our photographer has backed out, I would need no credit cards! The sad thing is, it can be prevented. Usually the conversation goes like this, "My photographer backed out and my wedding is in a month", "Geez, who was your photographer?", "A friend of my family who had wanted to shoot the wedding."

Listen, don't be cheap with your pictures, these are your memories, your moments that you are putting in the hands of a person. Make sure they are reputable. You wouldn't want a friend of the family who just happens to own a scalpel to operate on you. Just because someone owns a camera doesn't make them a photographer!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

First day in Lake Tahoe!

Well, on our first day in Tahoe, we get up at our usual time but it's actually 9 in the morning. That was strange. We chatted with Charity, our bride, a little and then it was off to explore. We got to walk in snow, play in snow and then eat lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. After that we took a Gondola ride up the mountain to see the view. Wow!! I got to play around with Dawn in the snow. Nothing like getting to roll around in the snow with a hot little snow bunny. Well, tomorrow's the wedding, can't wait!
Got lucky to have someone nice enough to take our picture.
These are the Gondolas we rode on.
Dawn playing in the snow, making her first snow ball!
You knew it was coming...
Just a split second later and I was writhing in agony. She says it was an accident.
Take 2
Thought this was awesome!

Check out the view here.

More shots of my sweety.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jeri and Jay in Costa Rica Part I, November 25-28

So after shooting Chelsea's wedding on the 24th, we get up the next morning and hop on the 6'0 clock flight to Costa Rica. Whew, and we were sick the whole time, but that didn't stop us from having a great time, although it tried to a few times. Jeri and Jay were married at Paradissus Playa Conchal and we definitely recommend this to anyone who is going there. I love destination weddings they are so much fun. In fact we are about to leave on another one. Tomorrow we head out to Lake Tahoe, NV for a wedding! Oh by the way, Jeri, you had too many good images for just one post!

Here's Jeri's dress and her room.
Getting her hair "ready" :-).
Jay on the phone with I think the butler telling him it will be a few more minutes. It's either that or he is trying to find his suit.
Saw this on the nightstand. Aww.
At the ceremony on the golf course. Yes, that's right a golf course. They came all the way to Costa Rica and got married on the golf course. We are very proud of you guys for sticking to what you want. Don't be influenced by what people expect you to do.
Jeri arriving at the ceremony
Jay looks a little nervous to me.
Jeri looks a bit nervous too, but I love those shots!
It was an awesome sunset ceremony with the sunlight peeking through the trees.

It's over you are married...
...well sort of. This is where the minister told them they were 98% likely married. :-)
Part II to come.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nichole and Andrew and the broken window crew.

I felt bad for them. They had had nothing but problems, but they trooped it out to shoot some awesome shots. I feel like we could have been related, talk about an awesome wedding for the upcoming reality show(keep your fingers crossed)! I wish, wish, wish they lived closer to us, but they are off somewhere in the North somewhere. Hmm...not sure where:-)

We met them at Piedmont Park and here is some of what we got....too many to post. Off to the left of this shot there was a interesting fellow smoking something equally interesting.
No matter what we did, she just wouldn't jump in...
She did like doing this though

Courtney and Dave Oct 27, Part II

I know that it's been a while since part!, I'm sorry. There are so many to go through, it's been super hard! This was the day of the wedding. We met Courtney and Dave at the Intercontinental in Buckhead for a very early morning. Kristen actually drove up from Macon where she was in a wedding to help photograph in the morning. She had to be back in Macon by noon if that tells you how early it was. I think we took the first shot at 8:30. Actually, I love days like this, it is one of the benefits of not having time limits on a wedding.

Here is a shot of Dave on the phone again.
And the butter, oh and the rings. Butter is very important. Can you believe this plate of butter costs $5?
Courtney getting her hair done.
On the way to Peachtree Christian Church, I really like this one.
Her gorgeous bouquet.
Can't forget the custom cufflinks!
The Intercontinental in Buckhead.
Inside Peachtree Christian. This is definately a reccomendation for those getting married.
Courtney and her Dad having a talk right before the ceremony.
I just love these

After the ceremony. I know what you are thinking, where are the pics from the ceremony. Well, I had to cut back on what I was posting on here to make this semi-reasonable.
In the limo, on our way back to The Intercontinental.
A very excited Courtney
It was a wonderful day, clear skies, perfect temp, awesome couple! I love you guys.

Part III and more than likely Part IV to come...