Thursday, May 29, 2008

We have the best clients!!

We realy do. Connie and Brad were signing the contract for their wedding next year and they actually brought me a gift!! They share my love for the Polaroid camera, especially the older ones. We had talked about it before and they gave me one. This is so awesome, thanks you guys!! I love the look of old polaroid pictures and I think it's terrible that they are fading out. Polaroid has announced that it will stop making instant film. However, Fuji makes it as well and hopefully they will be able to come into the American market now that Polaroid is on the way out. That way, I can still play around with beauties like this one.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Stacey and Matt in the big city :-) E-session in NYC!

So after Beau and Wendy's wedding in Asbury Park, we headed into the city to shoot a quick session with Matt and Stacey. We get to shoot their wedding in Jekyll Island, GA this weekend and we are very excited!
This was interesting.

See you this weekend guys!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's all about attitude, Nichole and Andrew, March 29

I know it's been a while since I showed a wedding from this year, actually I've only shown one and it was a slideshow. So here we go...

Nichole at the hair dresser
Andrew, I love this shot!
You're a tiger!
A brief prayer before the ceremony
Nichole and her Dad
Peachtree Christian is gorgeous, I love shooting weddings here
Of course it only rains on Saturdays
Not posed, I swear
Love this one, really shows off the weather
Reception was at Rhodes Hall, so cool.
Love the monkey
Leaving in the Georgia Tech Ramblin Wreck!!
The Monkey

More pictures to follow including New Jersey, New York and France!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're in France and this is a glimpse of what we have been up to!

Cynthia and Keith
Here's Jesse
Here are the boys, Jean-Marie and Fabien working on the flowers for Beau and Wendy's wedding.

Tabitha playing with the vaccum cleaner.
Keith chillin outside the house.
Jon just hanging out before we head out to France
Sam and Dawn
Jesse and Tucker
Ben Moses, he's a jewler in NYC. This guy was awesome, he's so cool! He gave Dawn a sandwich because she was hungry.

NYC at sunset
Out to feed Oinky!!
Waiting in the security line at Newark.
After arriving in France, we head to the Chateau, have lunch with the boys. Here's Fabien
and Jean-Marie
The Chateau
Eric, the maestro at the piano, this guy is awesome!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

First leg of a 2 1/2 week trek around the world

Well, we arrived in Newark, NJ at 10 minutes till 9 last night. We are up here to photograph Beau and Wendy's wedding and we are so pumped. This is our 2nd Nicholson wedding and we feel so lucky to have them as our friends. We'll keep you updated as much as we can, since in a week we will be in France at their Chateau and internet time may be sketchy. Sam has gotten a dress just for the pictures in France! I love my life. Oh and a first for us, this will be the first time that Kristen has gotten to make the trek with us. She won't be going to France with us as she gets to come back and photograph Anna's wedding.

Here we are getting ready to get on the plane! (This is also the first time I have dared to keep the camera out)
An interesting portrait of Dawn while we were in the air
The skyline as we were landing!