Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Blog!!

Javon Longieliere Photography has a new blog!!  You will still be able to access this one from the new one, it's not going anywhere.  We just won't be posting on this one anymore.  Update your links!

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mary Beth and Tatum - Destin, FL

Ceremony - Destin United Methodist Church
Reception - Emerald Grand

As we continue along the timeline of weddings in my quest to blog every wedding we shot this year, we find ourselves in Destin, FL for Mary Beth and Tatum's wedding.  I always love shooting for the Miller family and this wedding was no exception.  Mary Beth and Tatum gave us so much opportunity to do bride and groom shots, they planned it into their day.  It really makes a difference in the quality of relaxed portraits versus rushed portraits.  It was a lot of fun, now we have to get to work on their album!!

 I love this shot!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Christina and John tie the knot in Nashville, TN! - May 8, 2010

Venue : Blackhaven Nashville, TN

We traveled up to Nasville, TN a week after the flooding.  We were a bit worried that we might be moving venues, but the waters didn't get high enough to ruin their wedding.  Christina and John were amazing to work with and did everything we asked of them that they could do.  All we needed was a ladder and we could have had some very interesting shots!  I was told that they would let me work some more with them so hopefully that is true and we can get it into our schedule.

Javon Longieliere Photography