Saturday, April 29, 2006

Farnaz and Shahab!!!!

I finally finished this one. Not only was it one of our longest with a time of about 13 1/2 hours but it also had the most images we have ever shot at a wedding! We shot their wedding on the 7th of April and we were so tired that we slept through the tornados that came through Roswell that night! We actually woke up the next morning thinking that it must have gone right over us. We are such idiots.

Farnaz is so gorgeous and she doesn't even know it!!

This was before the limo driver got us all lost in rush hour traffic!!

If you guys would like to see more of Farnaz's wedding, go to our proofing section and click on their names and the password is 040706! I'd post every image on here if I could.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


At the very end of March, we were accepted into the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Yay!! They are very selective as this quote from the WPJA will tell you.

"In the WPJA's own words, here is a description of the association: "Leading the way in Wedding Photojournalism, WPJA represents the most discriminating talent around the world technically, creatively and visually. Qualified members hold industry-leading standards, skills and business integrity. IMPORTANT NOTE: Membership in the WPJA depends entirely on photographers meeting our high standards for inclusion. One CANNOT simply pay his/her way into the WPJA. We emphasize this is NOT another ad-driven wedding web site."

I am so pumped, this is something I have been wanting for a while!!


Towards the end of last year we were invited by Grace Ormonde to be part of her magazine, Wedding Style. We are featured in the 5 star directory.

"Vendors have been asked to participate by special invitation only, and
have been chosen by the style of their work, the quality of their service and
their geographical location. Our goal is to present you with choices among
the best wedding professionals in their respective fields."

-grace ormonde Wedding Style

This March she came down to Atlanta and we were asked to photograph her and the event. It was a little mind numbing at first, but everyone at the function was super cool and we had a real good time.

We only had a few minutes to fire off some images of her but she was super nice. You just got to love her accent! It was so cool, she asked us about our business and how we were doing. I think it is great that she takes the time to try to get to know everyone that is involved with her magazine. I think that is probably one of the reasons it is the best one out there!

This is Wendy Marquad, our buddy from Grace Ormonde. She is our account manager and friend. This is what I think is awesome, she lives in a resort hotel in the Bahamas! Wow!

New Place!!

Dawn and I finally have a real house!! It is about 2000 sq.ft and has 2 stories. We are very excited and are working fevorishly to try and finish decorating it. WAHOO!!!!!!

Being interviewed by the WB Network

In March, we had the privelage to be interviewed by the television network WB as the only wedding photographers for a television show they were putting together, which aired on April 8-9.

That was pretty cool but a little nerveracking. I am not used to having the camera following me. A big thank you to Becca and Mark of Tallahassee for letting them come film your wedding!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well here we go!!!

This will be our first entry and I know I am going to suck doing this! We are going to try and catch everyone up on everything that has been happening to us lately.

We had a wedding featured in The Knot, pictured below with our back cover as well. Congratulations to Dara and Todd, wow your wedding feels like a long time ago.

I will try and get more up later. Right now it's late!