Thursday, January 31, 2008

Small accomplishments, thanks Mike!

Before they left to go to Washington, Mike told me that I needed to read more. I said, I didn't have time and he told me it was an excuse. You see the thing is, I used to love to read and I haven't gotten to do that since before I was in college. Well thanks to Mike, I read again last year and I kept track of the books that I read. Now, I don't get a lot of time to read, but I read when I could. The books by Mitch Albom, I would reccomend to anyone! Thank you, Mike, we miss you and Holly.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

In Orlando with John and Heather and the girls

Well, we decided after a hectic year that we would take a couple of days and head down to Orlando. We had a great time and Dawn and I are already hoping that we can go somewhere again with them real soon. We didn't go to Disney or anything, we just relaxed and had a good time! I took a few images with my new toy the Nikon D3, I have been waiting on this camera since November. So far not a dissappointment.

Here's Megan at the Gaylord Palms, awesome atrium!
And Erin
I know it's hard to see her, but I like this one
The very patient family that put up with Javon and his tardiness.

Poor Megan, did Javon take a picture of you?
Thanks to Heather for distracting Megan for me so I could get one of her smiling.
Here's Heather doing my job, haha with her Christmas present. She let me borrow it the night before at Disney Village since my battery was charging.

Hanging out
Here's my girl
Almost there...

Erin was wearing out at this point
See Megan is already plotting out the next trip with Dawn and Javon. I think she's pointing to France.
At the bakery where Daddy had his awesome super Coca-Cola.
Megan locked her mommy and daddy out of their bedroom and we had to get the maintenance guy to let us in.
We played Clue the DVD version and I won.

Now it's back to work time!

Courtney and Dave, the finale!

Well here it is part 4! I can't believe that I am finally done with this wedding, I know Courtney is happy. This was a truly awesome wedding and I can't wait to get started with the album. This post is from the Bride and Groom pics that we put together and also the brunch from Sunday. Enjoy.

Unposed, after family shots
Not posed again after group shots
You guessed it!
This was one I put together...

This was from inside the Intercontinental by a red curtain.
A willing spectator
Awesome light!
I walked off to do something and I turned around and got this. Always be on your toes.
and never put the camera down
We went outside to play on Peachtree Street

A cool shot of Dave
and Courtney

From the brunch, man we were beat. We had spent over 16 hours on our feet the day before and were absolutely pooped.
If you ever get the chance, go get Sunday brunch at the Intercontinental, it was really good. Lots of fruit and Cheese!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Courtney and Dave Part 3!!!!!!!

Well, after long last here is the blog post for Courtney and Dave's Reception. It's a definite, there will be a part 4. Just too many great images. These are after the Intercontinental, we went to 103 West. Awesome location for a reception or any venue. The decor was done by Christine at Perfect Petals. She is fabulous!! It was a great time.
Table shots, awesome!

First dance, Courtney and Dave are so awesome together.

I think she was listening to a toast given by her Dad.
Everyone had a great time at the recpetion
Then Courtney sang!
and sang!

Leaving the reception, I hated that this was over, but we had shot for over 16 hours and we were exhausted.
These are from right after the ceremony. I just love this shot, can't tell you why, it just speaks to me.
This was a great group, I really had an awesome time with everyone.

Thought this was cool. Notice the bridesmaid in the middle.

Part 4 to come.