Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Missy and Taylor's Engagement, wedding to follow soon

So to Athens for Missy and Taylor's e-session. The main part of town near UGA is so not named well. We drove around a couple of times trying to find the right road. We did find it and got to see Missy and Taylor flirting with each other acroos the street. I felt like a Peeping Tom. We had a great time and thankfully it wasn't too hot. We hared the fountain wasn't on, but oh well, what can you do?
Inside the parking garage
I like it when we can include life in the images. I think sometimes we can get too caught up with making the pictures like the couple are the only people in the world. I prefer to include as much life as I can, I just don't mind when people walk by, I think it adds to the feeling.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lauren and Corey July 7, 2007

Ok, we just got back from Athens and I am going to continue trying to catch up with the blog. This was our 07-07-07 wedding and it was awesome!! We will be leaving for New Jersey on Wednesday for Samantha's wedding so I have a lot to do.

Loved this one...
The shoes
Here's Lauren
Getting pumped before the ceremony
another of the beautiful flower girl
I don't show enough of ceremony on here
The reception
Why, yes, it's that adorable little flower girl
Simply freakin' awesome

and now for Corey
a little backseat lovin'
One from her bridals where we were hanging out in Books-A-Million

Monday, August 20, 2007

And on some day in July...

...I shot Trixie's bridals. This is a stretch for me but here are three of my favorites and none of them are in B/W!!

Kaitlyn and Kyle June 30, I'm gettin' there...

I'm finally at the end of June, woohoo!! I'm going to try and post as much as I can this week before we hit the road again for another 3 weeks. Despite coughing my lungs up at this wedding, I think it turned out perfect. Kaitlyn and Kyle are a lot of fun to work with and they don't photograph too badly either.

Here she was getting ready
"Mirror, mirror in my hand..."
Right before the ceremony

You ever feel like you're all alone
These were so much fun to do!

I saw this chalkboard and was like "AWESOME", I just had to use it!

This was actually taken in her getting ready room.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wyatt Wolford

Here are just a couple of shots from Wyatt's first portrait session. We shot Corey and Trevor's wedding back in '04 and now they have a brand new member of the family! How cool!

Tara and Brad's wedding on June 23rd

So after Melissa and Dennis' wedding on Friday the 22nd, we trucked it on up to Dahlonega. We met Tara at a cool little hair salon in the morning and the headed over to Wolf Mountain Vineyards where her wedding would be. This is an awesome location full of possibility. I can't wait to shoot there again! What was it full of that day for us, HEAT!! It was hot and Kristen spent the first part of the day with the guys in the wine cellar where it was cold. I hate her!

Here we are at the salon.
Here are some shots of the main building at the vineyards!

The dress
Got this one during the ceremony
Loved the silhouette

The candy table, how cool is that! They had all kinds of pink candy.
Another shot of the vineyards
The wedding party, what good sports to walk all the way down the hill in the heat.
Then it was time for just Tara and Brad

Inside the wine cellar, this place is AWESOME!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Melissa and Dennis June 22nd, whew!

It feels like I haven't blogged in a while. After having been gone for 3 weeks, I am finally starting to get stuff done again. I am extremely behind at this point, but I am going to do everything I can to get caught up before we leave for New York. I have so much to blog and very little time. I am going to try and get caught up, so a lot of my comments will have to be unfortunately brief.

We had a great time with Melissa and Dennis. The ceremony was awesome and they had a beautiful reception at the Biltmore Ballrooms.

Melissa getting ready.

I loved thi shot with the sunlight coming from behind.
Are they happy or what?
These are some of my favorite ballroom images as yet!

The new family!
Wow, I really like this. Simple yet gorgeous.
This is one of my favorite things to do with a wedding. It is called "Make Do With What You Got". We couldn't really go anywhere before the ceremony, so I looked around and found this awesome location about 10 feet away.
This seems to be a favorite of everyone's right now.
He is good looking
As they were leaving, just relaxing on a couch in the Biltmore.