Monday, March 29, 2010

Tabby and Nate part 2

Wedding Ceremony/Reception: The Palace - Somerset, New Jersey
Florist - Jean Marie and Fabien
Dress -
Entertainment -
Videography - Videos by Trish

Check out this beautiful altar.

Great reaction on this one, this is what we are looking for during a wedding.
I think I've got this expression from Keith in every wedding so far.
K.C. with the thumbs up, I think I get this at every function, too.
There is a story here, the stomach bug worked it's way through everyone before the wedding including me.  Wendy was in the hospital over night and came from there right to the wedding, what a trooper.
Nate's parents

to be continued...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tabby and Nate's wedding Part 1, there's just too darn many!!

Wedding Ceremony/Reception: The Palace - Somerset, New Jersey
Florist - Jean Marie and Fabien
Dress -
Entertainment -
Videography - Videos by Trish

Well, it's my goal this year to post every wedding that I shoot.  Last year was a flop, but this year will be different.  In that spirit, here is the first part of Tabby's wedding!  There are just too darn many images to choose from so I have to divide it up!  There aren't many words that I can use to describe the special relationship that I have with this family.  Each time I photograph for them I feel like I've got to rock the shoot as hard as I can.  But that's a good thing, it always makes me feel like I can raise my game.  I love Tabby like a sister, so this was a special one for me, I hope they love the images as much as I do!!
Chamonix with a surprised look on her face.  Actually, this is the reaction I get when I walk in the room.  Haha.
The dress
I am so happy to count Keith as one of my friends.

That's so Joc!  Love you babe.
Soon to be Mrs. Walsh
Cindy couldn't stop crying, this is her baby about to get married.

Love this...
The bouquet was gorgeous!

These are some of my favorite moments during a wedding.  I love the emotion between parents and their child.
Just love this, how delicate, just a simple hand on the shoulder, but you can feel how powerful this moment is.

I just love the light in this one.  Very natural, not obtrusive at all.

Even Cindy needs a little comfort.

Samantha gave her a present that made everyone cry including me.

In the limo on the way to the ceremony
To be continued...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Javon Longieliere Photography published in Atlanta Weddings magazine!

Found out that one of our weddings was published in Atlanta Weddings magazine!  We shot Stephanie and Chris Gilchrist's wedding last year at The Jekyll Club Hotel with help from our awesome friend Jonathan Chick from Clarus Photography!  A big thanks to Joel Rabe from Lethal Rhythms for the heads up for this!  We always love it when our brides get published!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Javon Longieliere Photography places 8th in WPJA international contest!!

JUDGES COMMENTS: Strong color and graphic impact. Nice job.

JUDGES COMMENTS: Great detail and composition, and an excellent use of color.

This is the winning image in the details category.  Contests always surprise me, because the images that I am always sure that will do fine will often not place and the ones that I throw in there at the last minute will  do great!  This was one of my last minute additions.  I shot this at Ashley Cahill's wedding in South Beach Miami, FL.

You can see more of Ashley's wedding on our website at!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Snow boarding in New Jersey!!

I've already posted this on Twitter and Facebook, but this is just in case anyone missed it.  I came up with this idea for our new t-shirts for this year.  I have been talking to Teal about doing this probably ever since her wedding and we finally got the opportunity the weekend of Tabby's wedding.  On Sunday we traipsed out into the snow and Teal relentlessly boarded up and down the hill as I lay in the snow!  I can't wait to post more of these when I get the chance.  Thanks again, Teal!!