Friday, March 23, 2007

Tori and Walker 03-17-07

BACK TO OCILLA!! This time it was for Tori and Walker's wedding at the same places that Lindsay and Hank had their wedding. It was nice because we got to hang out with people we already knew. Awesome wedding, very laid back, but let me tell you, they can really let loose at the reception. And from what I heard that day, the night before too!

Nice shot of Tori's caboose(I think that is how you spell that)
Quick grab before walking down the aisle
Tori and Dad
Leaving the ceremony site! She should have worn stilts, dang that boy is tall
Everyone had fun at the reception!
The bass player from The TAMS.
Aww, look who caught the bouquet
There was no need for professional dancers, some people were pulling double duty

I know she felt silly here

Thanks you guys we had a great time. Guess I won't be back to Ocilla until November :-(

Thursday, March 22, 2007

240 and counting down!!

After 6 years of struggling with my weight, I have decided to do something about it. I am holding myself accountable. Every week I am going to check in here and post my weight for that week. I got as high as 250, I will never go there again. I figure if I feel like I have people over my shoulder it will make me less likely to let up on myself. I know that during this time my weight will go up and down but it is longterm that I am interested in. I am not giving up on myself this time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Melissa and Joseph 03-10-07

There are so many awesome images, I wish I could show them all. To be honest, I am not sure how we pulled this one off. Dawn and I were both horribly sick and Kristen had her first outing where I was not even available by phone(since I was sick in bed). To sound even stranger, this wedding couldn't have been much better, I just wish I had felt better so that I could have enjoyed it more.

Melissa and Joseph, we love you guys. You would do absolutely anything that we asked of you and didn't complain when you might have felt silly. You guys rock! There are no other words to describe you. We are sorry that the whole thing is over with. Here are the pics!

At the rehearsal dinner
The flowers
I will probably get in trouble for this, hahahahaha!
I love this. Melissa and Dad have a moment before the ceremony
Melissa writes to Joseph
Right before the ceremony in the limo
Right before the ceremony with Joseph
Right after the ceremony in the limo
The cake
The first dance

Overall shot
Leaving for the night
The girls!!
I know I am out of order, but here's Melissa before the ceremony again. Couldn't keep the camera away from her.
I wish I had a shot like this of me and Dawn
This one is going in our gallery!

Dawn loves this series
I love this one even though it is pretty much a window light

Now I have to go so I can post her wedding online and take Dawn to work as we are down to one car again.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Answer...

Thanks for playing along everyone...

I actually didn't see these until it was editing time as I was outside during the rehearsal. Great job, Kristen!

Isn't he cute?

So Melissa, are you ready to see your wedding?!?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

WHAT'S IN THAT BAG!!!!!!!!!!

This is from Melissa and Joseph's wedding in Mobile, Al this weekend. Kristen actually took this shot as I was outside having an argument with my stomach. I ended up with the same virus that Dawn got Wednesday night which put her in the Hospital. Because of that, this was one of the coolest weddings and one of the most enduring that I have ever photographed.

Ah yes, the above question, the answer to come...who has guesses???

Lanee Etheridge

This little girl belongs to Kristy and Gary Etheridge, one of our couples from '05. Wow, I have been getting busier taking these baby images for our couples that have apparently been getting busy! Here are a few from her session!

This reminds me of sailing...hmm

Lindsay and Hank March 3, 2007

I'm a little behind since Dawn and I have both been sick(explain more later, well at least not into more detail), so I will be uncommonly brief. We travelled to our stomping grounds of Ocilla, GA on March 3 to shoot Lindsay and Hank gettin' hitched.

This is Presley, a flowergirl
She thought the wedding was her runway!
The Girls!

Lindsay's Dad giving the speech.
Future Groupie :-)
In a plain old hallway with an anything but plain bride