Thursday, April 29, 2010

Elizabeth and Ben's wedding

Church - Northside Methodist Church
Florist - Lorraine Perry
Reception Venue - The DeFoor Centre
DJ - Brent Winner
Photo Booth - Stellar Photo Booth

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chrissy and Brandon's Wedding

Ceremony Venue - Pena_Peck house
DJ/Entertainment - Alex Mirling
Reception Venue - The Kingfish Grill
Florist - 57 Treasury

So the day after Rose and Chris' wedding in Orlando, we were shooting Chrissy and Brandon's wedding in St. Augustine.  Dawn got sick that morning, so I ended up doing it all alone.  Early morning, beautiful wedding.  Got to tell you, Chrissy and Brandon built a lot of time into their day for images and we got a ton.  I had an absolute blast!  That is a plus to having more than 10 minutes to photograph the bride and groom.  I was also very pleased to be able to shoot the 2nd "Dead Bride" shot in as many days.  

The dress

Right before the ceremony, Brandon with his Dad.
Chrissy with hers!

That's my buddy Emily hugging Chrissy.  She is Brandon's sister and we got to shoot her wedding in 2007!

Dad's toast
Chrissy's mom broker her foot, but danced anyway.

Some choreographed dancing.

The views at sunset

I just love this shot!

This was right before we were escorted out of Flagler.

Chrissy's "Dead Bride", I love how no one is looking at her.

This was so much fun, they rented the entire Carousel so they could have it all to themselves!