Monday, September 24, 2007

Paige and Russell, September 23.

So we woke up this morning and headed to Dahlonega and then on to Helen, GA. We actually arrived early so we went to Home Depot to get batteries before meeting Paige at the salon. The wedding was at Unicoi State Park in Helen. Awesome weather, we had a good time. Surprisingly enough, this one ended short and we were home by 9:30ish! We are watching Ace of Cakes on the Food Network.

Here is a shot of the dress
Cameron and Mom
"Ah, he went to Jared's"
The ole wink and the gun!!!

After the wedding, everyone was watching a car race on tv.

Cameron and Grandpa
The guys singing at the reeption

Saturday, September 22, 2007

John, Heather and Erin and Megan, we miss you!

So we were supposed to go see the Braves game with John and Heather, but they had to go to a party! Dawn and I decided at the last minute that we would go to the game. It is the 2nd to last home game before the season ends, but we have a wedding tomorrow in Helen, GA and we couldn't go to the last one. We got to the game in the 4th inning and thankfully got to sit in the shade on the 2nd level.

On the way to the game we got passed by this car! Dawn took this one for me.
I love walking into a stadium. It's kind of like Wow!
Dawn took this shot of Francoeur's tooshy!
I decided I would risk getting thrown out by getting even closer to the action, another shot of Francoeur's tooshy.
My favorite person at the game!! Unfortunately, she wasn't signing autographs.
She did let you get close to take pictures though.
After the Braves won the game in the 11th inning. Texeira drove in the winning run with a hit.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Starting my birthday/Christmas list!

Dawn and I went into Books-A-Million today looking for a beginners tape on Pilates. I saw this book and I knew right then that it would be mine, OH YES, IT WILL BE MINE!! Problem is there is something in my way, DAWN!! Yes, it stands about 3 feet high and costs quite a bit, but it's about the Eiffel Tower. So if anyone out there wants to make me happy, the name of the book is La Tour de 300 Metres by Bernard Lemonine.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cara and Alvaro, July 21 - Miami, FL

Well, still trying to get caught up. This was an awesome wedding in Coconut Grove, Miami, FL. We flew in on Friday to get ready, but our flight was a bit delayed so I didn't get to see Cara and Alvaro before the wedding day. It was awful muggy. The wedding took place in the beautiful Mayfair Hotel and Spa. Dawn says that she would love to just go back and stay a while.

Here is where the ceremony took place.
Awesome decorations, I loved the red.

Here is a shot from the reception/first dance
This is Jackie from Jackie Oh Events. She is fabulous, I can't wait to work with her again.
Loved this shot of Cara
This one, too!

These were taken the day after. I love these sessions, because the wedding is over and there are no distractions and we can shoot, shoot, shoot...

A couple of engagement sessions!

Chelsea and Garrett

So this morning, we got up to the phone ringing off the hook and Chelsea and Garrett showed up before I could get dressed! Dawn had to throw shorts at me. We had a real good time and I hope they are as excited about having us shoot their wedding as we are about shooting it.

Love the piping here!

I think they might have felt a little unsure about this one, but I liked it.

Aren't they awesome

Ashley and Russell

We shot Ashley and Russell's session a while ago, but I am so behind I was just able to finish it. We get to shoot their wedding this weekend in Helen, Ga. We are looking forward to it. Because of the heat that has been going through Atlanta, we decided to do the whole session inside, so I met them at the CNN center and we played in there and at The Omni. Both of these places make for some awesome images.

We actually were part of The CNN tour at this point!

I have always wanted to do something in this hallway.

Look out Ashley and Russell, here we come!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Day 3, tennis players, turtles and horses oh my!

So after a horrible storm on the island last night, the phone rings at 8 something this morning and Jen says there are people playing tennis. We were supposed to get those shots yesterday. So I jumped out of bed and Jen and I sped over to the Tennis Center. Man, it was hot!
Clay courts, I love clay courts. Dawn and I went back later in the afternoon to play. I can tell it's been a while for me, Dawn was still good, it was her first time on clay.
Then, Jen and I went back over to pick up Dawn and we went to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. This was so awesome! We got to witness up close what most can only watch from a distance. This little guy, they were having to feed, because he is so weak.

This one was not quite so little, but still a little camera shy.
They were having to clean a fungus off of him. Can you believe it took all those people to hold im down!
Inside the center. This is really an educational experience, it is not an aquarium.
Then at 2:30, it was off to do a litle Kayaking. Here is Jennifer and Allison right before my Blackberry went into the soup!! Thankfully, I called and Blackberry is sending me another one and I should have it tomorrow. Could you imagine Dawn's face when that happened?
I was supposed to be shooting horseback riding, but we saw this Blue Heron and I couldn't resist. This took me back to when Dawn was taking the birding class in college.
A Great White Egret
So after a long day and 2 well deserved showers, Dawn and I ordered a litle room service and look what came for dessert. How cool is that?
So it's back to the office tomorrow after a brief outing in the morning. We have been gone quite a while, it will be nice to spend some time home and some time with our friends John and Heather and of course Erin and Megan, who we have a surprise for.
By the way, Heather, what's for supper?