Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sneak Peek at Sam and Jesse on Sea Girt.

On Monday we shot a Trash the Dress session for Sam and Jesse, it was completely awesome!! Great images, awesome friends, what more could you ask for? We love you guys. Thanks to everyone that came out to help and watch, Cynthia, Tabbycat, KC and "YKYLH" Teal, Lisa, Lisa's mom and sister! Here are a few so far!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're on the move again...

We're about to head to the airport to fly to Philadelphia. Can't believe it's so early. Dawn is going to get mad at me if she comes out of the bathroom and I am goofing around on the computer. HAHA! Shuttle leaves at 6:30, gotta go. Will post some images from the shots from up there when we get a chance.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Nathalie and Rodrigo, a fairytale wedding!

In May while we were shooting images for our friends, we had the pleasure to shoot Nathalie and Rodrigo's wedding at the Chateau! They are from San Diego and did the whole wedding at the last minute. The whole thing was right out of a fairy tale as it usually is when Cynthia is involved! Check out her website at The Chateau. Here are some of the images from that day. Strange really, the last time we were at the chateau was in "05, it felt like it was yesterday!
Check out that smile!
Her dress is one of a kind, straight from the designer!
The boys were awesome again with the flowers
This is the chapel inside the chateau, very quaint. Eh, Beckers!!!
During the ceremony, there wasn't much room to move in the chapel.

Now, they're married! This is the main entrance to the Grand Staircase
The table at the reception, good grief what a deco job!

At the reception, absolute dark, all candlelight, I used no flash! I love this camera.

Rodrigo was extremely happy
So was his family
Then we took off to do some shots of just the two of them. I can't thank them enough for the time that they gave me.

The gate to the chateau

Love the light!!!

This was also the first time that I have been paid in foreign currency, kind of cool for me!


So I was sending some images to Beckers and I noticed this picture that Kristen took of me at Brian and Kelly's wedding.  I thought it was interesting since I had just blogged the picture that I was taking below.  Gives you a bit of a different view, don't it!  

Friday, August 01, 2008

Martha Allayne and Jed got married in May so here are a few from them too!! They are awesome too, we had one of their engagement pics as our homepage for a while!

Right after the ceremony
Mom and Dad
Martha Allayne and Jed
A little moment right before the ceremony

Catch up time...

Here's Brian and Kelly from the end of April. I am so excited to call them our friends. Last week, we even went out to dinner with them to a little greek restaurant in Marietta called, well, I don't remember, but I really like it.

Here's Brian with his son, Andy
What a killer face!
I wish I had time to post more, they deserve it!